Welcome to Belmont…It’s Almost Time

Just this morning, as I was serving as a Project Transformation reading tutor (check it out-www.pttennessee.org), I was reminded that summer vacations, internships, and camp experiences are soon going to come to an end. This reality is all too real for the college-age interns who lead Project Transformation’s day time reading programs for inner city children. The interns are in their 8th (and last week of the summer) with the kids of various Nashville neighborhoods they have grown to love.

As these experiences wrap up, students are momentarily caught in this space of ‘in between.’ Move-in has not yet taken place but the cherished memories of summer are perhaps a bit more distant with each passing day. Perhaps moving into college for the first time or back for the second, third, fourth, or fifth year brings with it a new round of ‘goodbyes.’ What happens to those beloved high school friends who are parting ways for distinct college journeys (after years or more in friendship)? Is there a ‘letting-go’ that needs to take place as students prepare for the transition back into a new year of classes, group projects, intramural sports, and dorm life?

What about the wave of new relationships and friendships that are on the horizon once orientation and the first week of classes are complete? Move in at Belmont University is August 18th! In a matter of hours, the university campus will again be bustling with students connecting and reconnecting with one another. For freshmen, move-in day is one orientation event among so many others as they wrap their minds around the start of classes and a new phase of life. Perhaps for upperclassmen, the return to campus will be a bit more familiar-a familiar campus, familiar faces, and the familiarity of signing up for classes and reviewing syllabi. But soon enough, the semester will be underway!

In the weeks to come, whether you’re a student, faculty, or staff, may your enthusiasm and hopes for the upcoming semester grow in God’s grace. See you on campus.