The Word Wagon

Casey Enright, Class of 2017, has launched a new ministry to address the lack of age appropriate books for children in lower income homes. I hope you will enjoy learning about “The Word Wagon” and support Casey in this ministry.wordwagon4

The Word Wagon is a new program in the Middle Tennessee area. Casey Enright, the founder, has a huge passion for childhood literacy and thinking of ways to improve the reading levels of children in low-income neighborhoods. This program is a book mobile that provides one-on-one reading opportunities between children and a Word Wagon volunteer. The children are invited to come and read while their parents receive food through One Generation Away’s food distribution.wordwagon3

The Word Wagon is also dedicated to build the library of the kids who come to read. After the children read with the volunteer, they are invited to pick either the book they read or from our wagon a book to take home and enjoy. The Word Wagon is an organization that has been fueled by passion but only made possible by God.

See a video about The Word Wagon here: Video

Visit The Word Wagon website here: Website