The Morning After

mondayIt’s Monday morning. In some ways, it feels just like last Monday and the Monday before that. It’s time to go to class. It’s time to go to work. Your roommate ate the rest of your favorite bag of chips. There’s not enough coffee creamer in the fridge to get that first (and now only cup of coffee) just right to get the day started. And the dishes, the dishes are still stacked in the sink from the weekend and nobody wants to do them. Yesterday was so much better and now it seems gone until next year…

People seemed nicer yesterday, maybe a little bit of an Easter kick in their step. Then again maybe they were just excited about a new dress or breaking out the bowtie for church. Sunday service at church was a bit more lively-the preacher was preaching like his life depended on it and the music-oh the music was just excellent. Nothing like the Hallelujah Chorus to top off a morning filled with celebration. But we couldn’t stay long at church-we had to get to lunch.

The food (oh, the overwhelming amount of food) seemed to taste better yesterday-maybe Grandma’s homemade biscuits melt in your mouth a bit easier on Easter. And those string beans canned up from last summer really hit the spot. It would’ve been a perfect day if only I had picked the right teams for the NCAA bracket. No big deal. The Final Four games are still on the way.

Then Easter Sunday slowly came to a close as slowly as the sun had risen over the horizon and an empty tomb.

And the tomb that was empty on Easter Sunday is still empty on the morning after. That’s the good news of God in Jesus Christ-we live in the wake of what God first did on Easter morning. That is the source of our hope.