Reflection on Career and Calling Week

Written by Madeline Easdale, Class of 2018

This week we had three wonderful guests come to speak to the students of Belmont, and their stories were filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit!  This event was part of a Spiritual Emphasis Week at Belmont known as “Career and Calling Week.” During this week, speakers are invited and programs are developed to share with students the deep connections of faith and one’s vocation.

Thank you to Megan Terwilliger, Dr. Linda Jones, and Dr. Bill Cooper for sharing parts of your God stories with us and for the advice to help us in discerning our careers and callings.

I so appreciate the way each speaker was real with us! At this point in our lives, we have access to many professionals who can share their success stories, but so often they leave out that they were in the same position as we are when they were our age, and that it wasn’t easy. Our speakers graciously met us where we are, as Jesus does, and share with us how God led them through stress, anxiety, and fear to their calling. Each person shared that they continue to live into their calling on a daily basis through faithfully following God’s direction, even when they do not know where this will ultimately lead.

The main point that I got out of their presentation is that everything works out in retrospect. And because God is so funny, he brought up a perfect situation for me to give that exact advice to a friend! This is so encouraging to me, and I’m sure to the others who went to the convocation, because it’s something that can strengthen our faith when we’re struggling or doubting.

In college, we are in a constant state of struggle and doubt regarding career and calling, so I’m grateful that God brought us our speakers for a time such as this.