img_4652A month ago, eight students from Belmont Wesley Fellowship attended the NEXT Conference in Atlanta. The conference focused on helping students discern their next steps after graduation. Speakers and presenters shared about the necessity of living from a sense of calling and pursuing the dreams God has given us. As always, we are deeply thankful for the generosity that makes it possible for students to enjoy these life-shaping experiences. Here is what NEXT meant for a few of the students who went.

Nicholas Alexander, Class of 2019 – NEXT facilitated a place of love and passion for the Lord with young adults aspiring to make a difference. I am thankful for those who made it possible for us to attend this event.

Schyler Davis, Class of 2020 – I enjoyed NEXT a lot because it helped me get away from the stress I have been under, and allowed me to better get to know my family outside of my family away from my family. Now I know that I have God-loving and compassionate friends who I know I can go to if I need help in a time of trial.

Madeline Easdale, Class of 2018 – NEXT got us all away from campus and immersed us in fellowship. It was a safe place to contemplate away from the distractions of daily life and get support from our Wesley family.

Sierra Fimg_4658ilson, Class of 2017 – As someone who’s been stressing about graduation and trying to manage a crazy schedule, NEXT came at the perfect time. Not only did I feel like I became closer with everyone there, but I also gained a new direction for my life that I felt like I’d been missing.

Erik Georges, Class of 2019 – For someone who hasn’t been on any other out of state trips with this group, I grew so much closer to everyone on a personal and spiritual level. Experiences like this make college so memorable, and I cannot wait until the NEXT one.

Shelby Killoran, Class of 2019  – Before attending NEXT I felt like I was drifting. Between school stress and other worries I felt detached from God. But now I am grounded and more content in my faith than I have been in a while. Thanks for the opportunity.