New Semester With Belmont Wesley


Belmont Wesley Fellowship

A Blessing For A New Semester

The sounds and sights all around campus are a sign that class is back in session. Hands are full with bags of books from the bookstore. The rock wall is back in use after the holiday break. Friends joyfully reunite and compare class schedules, Christmas presents, and syllabi. For some of you, the start of classes yesterday means that graduation is just a few months away! For others, the new semester seems like one among all the rest in those busy middle years. Again for others, this new semester still carries that novelty of the first day of college. So wherever you are in this journey, here is a blessing for this semester.

May God’s grace bring you renewed energy and excitement as you encounter new professors and areas of study. May God’s grace sustain you with creativity when the first round of papers comes. May God’s grace restore you when you’re tired from work, late nights, and big homework loads. May God’s grace lead you to laugh hard, love deeply, and lean into life each day. Above all, may God’s grace assure you that wherever you are and whatever you are doing that you are loved. Amen.