Mission in NYC-When Helping Hurts?

newsocialmediaThis week I’m at a gathering for the General Board of Global Ministries in New York City at the Interchurch Center. Pastors and church members from all across the annual conferences in the United States are here learning about United Methodist missionaries, young adult service opportunities, disaster response, United Methodist Committee on Relief, Global Initiatives in Nepal, Senegal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cameroon (and so many other places).

After saying all that, I’m thinking a lot about Belmont Wesley and a mission initiative that would begin in 2013 and continue for several years…Human trafficking? Child labor? Modern slavery? Orphan empowerment? Child soldiers? I want to hear from you about the things that break your heart and burn in your spirit!

Have you ever wondered, is the work of churches and campus ministries REALLY changing lives? Are communities becoming healthier, safer, and more peaceful because of the work of Christians? Does all the money and energy of the church change lives or hurt lives?

Check out the videos below from LifeChurch as we discern our mission partnership.


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