Methodists in Malawi

Methodists in Malawi copy

In just under 24 hours, I leave Nashville to be part of a mission team that is going to Malawi, Africa. Until I started serving with Belmont UMC and Belmont Wesley, I couldn’t find Malawi on a map. If you find South Africa on a map and move your finger about 2 inches North, it’s right around Mozambique. In addition to Belmont Wesley, the church where I’m an associate pastor has a long relationship with Methodists in Malawi.

A couple, Herb and Sue Mather, have poured their lives, energy, and love into the life and future of the Methodist church in Malawi. It’s been my privilege to serve alongside this couple (even travel to Mexico earlier this year with them) and many others at Belmont UMC who have poured themselves into ministry in Malawi. Back in December I shared with you all, even challenged you, to give a special offering to a missional project so that all your Christmas money wasn’t spent at the malls. Part of what I had the joy of doing this past Christmas was telling the stories of three pastors in Malawi whose ministry could be improved with secure housing. The time has come that our team will get to see the places where Heston Mbuzi, Sufuliano Chisale, and Lyson Dzatopesa¬†are in ministry. And we get to encourage the life changing work they are many other church leaders are doing.

You can check up on the work of the team on our blog.

So if things are a little quiet around the Belmont Wesley website and Facebook page, no worries! The students are still on break, working summer jobs, and serving in internships and I’m 8500 miles away from Nashville. But once August rolls around, things will be in full swing for a new semester! I look forward to seeing you all soon and sharing life changing stories of the church’s work in Malawi, Africa.

~Pastor A.