Fall 2013 Theme: ‘New Beginnings’

new beginning 2013 jpg On August 17-18, hundreds of freshmen will begin a new phase of life at Belmont University. Several thousand more students will begin their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even 6th years of higher education. Newness. Even though it’s only June, parents and freshmen alike are all over campus, filling Beaman, asking questions about Greek life, roommates, the Honors program, faith development opportunities, and how to register for classes. It seems like the prospect of newness is bringing with it anxiety and excitement.

College: It’s a new phase of life. New classes. New roommates. New friends. New relationships. New struggles and difficulties. New educational pursuits. New hopes for life after graduation. New jobs. Freedom from things that hold your spirit down.

Young adulthood is certainly a time of new beginnings but not all of the newness revolves around the academic calendar and what goes on in the classroom. As Belmont Wesley looks toward the fall with an eye toward our theme of new beginnings, we realize that newness is part of God’s promise to us. From cover to cover, the biblical stories are about God bringing newness into creation, into human life, and into the most despairing situations we can imagine.

Here’s just a sampling of God’s newness in the Bible narrative: The story of creation, God leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, Ruth and Naomi starting a new life together, Jesus’ birth, Nicodemus’ encounter with salvation in John 3, Jesus instructing his disciples to wash one another’s feet, John baptizing Jesus in the river, Jesus’ empty grave, and the new beginning of the church on Pentecost.


What new things are you anticipating on the horizon of your life? What new relationships is God leading you towards? What things are going on in your life that need the newness, freshness, and freedom of God’s grace?

Come join us this fall semester as we explore and experience new beginnings in God’s grace.