Crucifixion Questions

On Monday night, the topic of discussion was an early look at Luke 23 which tells the story of Jesus’ arrest, questioning before Pilate and Herod, and crucifixion. Yes, Holy Week is still a few days off but looking at the texts is always a good idea before Sunday (Thursday or Friday) service arrives. Students encouraged one another to lift up questions about the arrest, trial, and crucifixion that they never had the chance to ask in church or questions they were sure weren’t going to be addressed in any Sunday morning sermon.
Crucified Christ in Catholic Church in Puebla, Mexico
Crucified Christ in Catholic Church in Puebla, Mexico

One hour later: (Thanks be to God for the curiosity and courage to ask!)

1. Why are there textual variations between the gospels? (Why does the story in Luke look different than Matthew and John?).

2. Does Jesus have to die?

3. Why doesn’t Jesus save himself?

4. How does Pilate feel after he condemns Jesus?

5. Simon of Cyrene-where did you come from and why are you in the story?

6. Why would the crowds want the release of a murderer?

7. What is Jesus actually charged with?

8. Why don’t modern Jewish communities think that Jesus is the Messiah?

9. How do Jewish communities think about the crucifixion?

10. Does Jesus have to go to Jerusalem?

11. What does God experience doing the crucifixion?

12. Why do we only hear about the crucifixion at Easter?

13. Why was Jesus killed on a cross and not some other method?

14. What is the ransom theory of salvation?

15. What are different ways of interpreting the meaning of the crucifixion?