Belmont Wesley Launches Connection

There’s a saying I have come to love. I’m not sure the first time or place I heard it, but I feel it is deeply true. The saying goes like this: “Alone we go fast, together we go far.” I am convinced that many of us have focused more on how quickly we can accomplish something and have forgotten that things of great value and great sacrifice require time, patience, and help from others.

I think we are all seeking connection – especially during years in college. In many ways we feel scattered, and we long to be understood. We love finding things in common because it reminds us that we are not alone.

Beginning Tuesday, September 1st, Belmont Wesley Fellowship will be launching a new worship and Bible study called “Connection.” Through it we seek to offer and share transformation through communion and community. It will be a safe place for anyone to share struggles and victories that we all have in common. We will learn together about God’s ultimate way of connecting with all the world through Jesus Christ and the ways this reality changes our daily living. Holy Communion will be offered for everyone to receive.

We hope to see you at 8 p.m. each Tuesday in University Ministries. Remember that we need one another to connect more deeply through God’s love.