A Living Dream

Elegant Bookshelves in the Royal Library

This photo was taken three years ago during our Spring Break Immersion Trip to Memphis. During our trip, we visited the National Civil Rights Museum and the Lorraine Motel where The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. The wreath marks the place he stood on the balcony when he was shot.

Our campus ministry has always focused on God’s complete and perfect love for all God’s children. As such, we feel a responsibility and calling to offer teaching and experiences about ways we have failed to love and value one another equally. It is crucial to our mission of sharing community, communion, and Christ’s love with all that we call racism a sin and proclaim Black Lives Matter.

As the campus minister for Belmont Wesley Fellowship, I see it as my job to help raise up dreamers. The plaque in this photo offers a quotation from Genesis 37:19-20: “They said one to another, behold, here cometh the dreamer…let us slay him…and we shall see what will become of his dreams.” This quotation is from the story of Joseph. Joseph was the dreamer mentioned. His dreams angered his brothers because he was exalted over them. So they planned to kill him and stop his dreams. They changed their minds and sold him into slavery instead. Their plans of stopping his dreams failed, and Joseph later told them that what they intended for evil, God used for good. King was famously also a dreamer. His dreams of racial equality and justice are a long way from being fulfilled.

In these current moments, it may feel like they have been stopped. But King’s dream is also God’s dream because God created us all in God’s image and God will stop at nothing to bring about peace and healing. We pray for an end to all violence. We pray for justice and reconciliation. We pray that you will partner with us to raise up students who follow Jesus and help make God’s dream a reality, on earth as it is in heaven.